Are you Genderqueer?

Are you Genderqueer?

Want to find out if your genderqueer? Curious? Well here's the place my friends! I am genderqueer, so I shall help you

published on December 29, 202034 responses 11
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Hello! Lets start with an easy one. Do you feel comfortable with your gender?

Sometimes, but sometimes I don't
No, My body isn't right. I should have girl/boy parts, not this.
I don't mind
I feel ok in my own gender. It feels completely natural

If you could, would you wear a binder/chest padding?

I'm not sure
I would probably wear it sometimes, depending if I'm comfortable with it or not

Do you feel more like your born gender, or opposite?

Born gender

Do you like the opposite gender? (like a guy likes girl?)

No actually..
I like boys and girls
Other/in between/mix

Do you prefer dressing as a your born gender?

No, I like to wear opposite clothes
Eh, I dress as both to be honest. Depends how I feel
I dress however I like
I wear my birth-gender clothes

Which do you prefer?

I prefer being called a she (born gender boy)
I prefer being called a he (born gender boy)
I prefer being called a she (born gender girl)
I prefer being called a he (born gender girl)
I prefer being called a she, a he, or a they (whichever gender)
I prefer being called a they/them (whichever gender)
I like neo pronouns/other

This quiz is short, sorry about that. I hope you have a great day! And dont forget, what matters most is how you feel, not how this test feels. GOOD LUCK!!
So what do you think you'll get?

I'm my born gender
I'm the opposite gender
I'm Genderqueer
I'm Non-binary