doctor who quiz

doctor who quiz

who are you in the DW universe? find out now! by this I mean which companion are you or are you the doctor?

published on May 19, 2014 53 responses 22 5.0★ / 5

what is your weapon of choice?
slash bang BOOM

my sonic of course!
a nice laser gun
idk the doctor? I dunno!
umm.. I don't use those
a fire extinguisher

what is the square route of 16?

why would I need to know that?!?!
4 easy
umm... 2? no! 4!
ill just ask my sweetie
*sigh* math I HATE math
I don't know why?

who is your enemy?
like villan enemy not my your computer

ermygerd darleks
weeping angels so scary...
those dumb little lance guy who poisoned MY COFFE
vashta Nerada, where I saw the doctor for the last time.

who would you rather date?
ooh la la fun time

the doctor my hubby
I don't know, river?
Rory. duuh
my little own biological copy of the doctor
as long as they're not evil I guess any one
*sigh* the doctor :)

okay don't hate me but...
whats the favorite color of you?!
(hides behind jack) save me!

Tardis blue
pssh colors have no purpose I have to fix the TARDIS
whatever matches my hair!
white like my lab coat
red like my hair

last one:
shalt thou comment what you get?

I don't care
um... okay! <3.
*points gun* not unless you wanna die <3
*scoffs* I have better things to do
cross my hearts