How old do your parents think you are? (For teens)

How old do your parents think you are? (For teens)

Every teen seems to be treated like a child but expected to act like adults. But how old do your parents really think you are? Ready to find out? Sorry if this is stupid.

published on July 04, 201735 responses 1
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At a party, what are you most likely doing?

Stuck playing with little kids.
In my room on my phone.
Being forced to socialize
Chatting about boring politics.

Ok, so you're watching a movie and a sex scene comes on. What do your parents do?

Cover your eyes. You can't be watching this!
Look at you awkwardly
Tell you that you shouldn't do that.

What movies are you allowed to watch?

G or PG
G, PG, and some PG-13. They tell you not to mimic anything.
I'm allowed to watch R if it's only rated R for violence and profanity.
Anything really, as long as it isn't over the top.

Is there parental controls on your electronics?

Yes! OMG it's so annoying!
Nah, not really. YouTube is just on restricted mode.
No. But I always get the classic "What're you doing?!"
My parents don't give a crap what I do.

What do you usually get dragged to?

Some kids' birthday party at Chuck. E Cheese
The store. I can't stay home by myself for some reason.
A lame movie.
A lame Tupperware party.

When your friends come over, what do your parents do?

Treat it like a play date
Peek in like every 5 minutes
Embarrass you

Pick the emoji that you think sums up how you think your parents see you.


What do you think you got?

A little kid
Some crazy 12 year old.
Me, a teen
A responsible adult.

Ready for your results?

Show me, please.

Psych! Quiz ain't over! So, you have a bedtime?

Yes. And it's 8:30.
Yeah, but it's something like nine.
No, but I have to be in my room at a certain time.