what video game character loves u!? (girls only)

hello guys i was looking at some quizes and i wanted to make like a quiz like this and stuff and anyway i want to know what u guys think leave a comment down below :DD

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me: hi guys i brought mai friends sonic,shadow,ash and zero. zero: hi :says while looking at me: sonic: sup. shadow:hi :he says while looking at the floor:. ash: hi i am ash and this is pikachu were jourenying to be the pokemon mas- :puts hand over ashs mouth: me: WE GET IT! :zero hey why did u put 2 sonic but only one megaman and one pokemon? me: cuz people like sonic better. zero: : grunts :

poor zero D:
WHY did u do that to ASH?!
sup sonic
:looks down at floor not speaking:

me: sonic u first. sonic: ok whats your favorite sport?

umm i am no sports person but hockey
pokemon battles! ( me:a real sport) ohh then baceball
leave me alone (me: jezz it was just a question)

me: ok shadows turn! shadow: fine...whats ur fav color?

red DUH

me:now zero! zero: yay! now if the love of ur life died what would u do? (or say) me: i am NOT dead! :zero: ik XD

:Criez in corner for le rest of life:
i would move on
but but but D:

me:well thats it for today....(zero shoots a red lazer at the wall and it hits shadow) :me: ZERO! what ru THINKING?! :zero:sorry.. (shadow fires a giant shadow blast and makes zero faint) :me: SHADOW?! what was that!

:laughs falling to the floor: you got him GOOD shadow!
:slaps in face:
NUUU ZERO :runs over to zero:

:shadow: i..i didnt mean to...i just got mad :me: then WHY did u fire a SHADOW BLAST?! (shadow shrugs) :sonic: well what r we gonna do NOW?! shadow your dummy! (shadow grabs him bai the neck) sonic: HEY! (he and shadow start to fight) me: BREAK IT UP help me out here!

kill EM' shadow!
(is to content petting ash's pikachu)

(zero wakes up) zero: WHAT was THAT for?! shadow: sorry (he shrugs) me: STOP IT! :all 3 of them say: sorry... me: imma call megaman how do u fell about that?

why not..? ok :D
no more megaman people!
sure as long as he doent kill pikachu

(megman man walks in seeing sonic and zero ganging up on shadow) me: lots of lazers megaman... megaman: i see that XD :me: anyway do u wanna ask a question? megaman: ok! umm whats ur favorite game?

shadow the hedgehog!
sonic heros!
pokemon yellow!

(sonic goes into his crazy ball menover while zero hits shadow with his beam saber and shadow shoots dark lazers at sonic) megaman: STOP! me: STOP! you:

watches fight
stop hurting sonic!

megaman and me at the same time: well i hope u enjoyed!

ok bai!
i hope zero is ok..
see u..(pets pikachu)
lemmie see mai results already! (me: ok jezz)