What does Flutter shy think of you?

This quiz is about dose Flutter shy like you, from My Little Pony. <3 <3

published on March 10, 201713 responses 0 1.0★ / 5

Do you like animals?

No..... Me: :O wow
Yeah a little.

Do you like her bunny Angel?

Yesss hes so cute! Me: ikr!
Meh me: -.-
Yeah hes Ok.

Do you like pink?

Yes as I love it! Me: same! :D
No. Me: oh cmon!
Yeah its Ok.

Do you like the movie "the secret life of pets"?

Omg! YeS
Its OK.
No!!!!! Me: seriously? -.-

Do you like dogs?

There ok.
No. Me: ...

Do you like flying?

Yes yes yes!
Eh, its ok
No!!! Me: ....just....

Did you like this?

No me: ur mean =(

She......loves you!!!!! Sorry its my first quiz..,,,

Yay!!! Its OK :D
What ever me: :(