Would you survive EXO's haunted house?

Would you survive EXO's haunted house?

At the end of 2013, EXO visited a haunted house. Some reactions were hilarious, while others walked through boldly. Not all 12 went inside, though, so if you wanted to get someone and he wasn't on this, don't hate on me. He just didn't go inside.

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Okay! You have come with EXO to the haunted house! EXO is deciding who should go first. Will you?

I'll go first...best to get it over with.
I'll go somewhere in the middle. I want to see someone go before I do.
I'll...I'll go last

It's your turn to go inside!

I'm going to bring two flashlights...just in case
I'm a manly man. I won't make it without screaming. Watch.
Do we have hot packs? I want to give some to the people inside.
*thinks* Should I abandon the person I'm going with?
I'll just walk fast and get this over with.
No-no-no! I don't-I don't want to go! Do I have to?

You enter the house with one of EXO. As you slowly make your way inside, you feel a hand on your shoulder. You turn and see-the first ghost!

Oh...*bows formally* *hands the ghost a hot pack* Here...I know you're cold...take it!
*ignores the ghost and keeps walking*

You walk through a room and see a "mannequin". Is it another ghost?

I'll go check...no actually, I'll wait...no...
*doesn't see the "mannequin"*
*tries to offer the ghost a hot pack*

Ha! That "mannequin" was actually a mannequin!
You keep going. You feel something cold on you ankle. You look down and see-a hand!

*runs away* Don't kill me! Please! *sobs*
*doesn't notice the hand*
*leans down* *gives the hand a hot pack* Here you go...Keep warm!

Now you're in a room with a closet. The door of the closet burst open, and the ghost grabs your shoulders!

Time to ditch my partner! *runs while your friend is attacked by the ghost*
*sobs* No! No!
Ah, you scared me. *bored*
*gives a hot pack* Your hands are cold...here. Keep them warm!

It's the last hallway! You look backwards constantly (unless you're a manly man) and don't realize the ghost is charging down the hallway to your side!

*falls down* *sobs* Don't hurt me! Pleaseee!
*runs like an idiot* Ah! *gets scared by the ghost again* AHHHH!
*checks your pocket for hot packs* I'm sorry, sir. I don't have any more hot packs. I hope you stay warm...
*doesn't notice it* *hears a noise and turns around* Ah, you were embarrassed, right? *walks away laughing*