What power ranger color are you!

What power ranger color are you!

Are you the nerd? Are you the jock? The cheerleader? The dancer? ;D Are you the smart one, funny one, strong one? Are you red, green, or blue? Who can answer all these questions? You can by taking the quiz and answering all these questions with another question, what power ranger color are you?

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You look at you're class schedule and see what you'll be taking, then you see you have your favorite class. What's your favorite?

P.E Dodge Ball is going to be great!
Year Book. Cant wait to make some new memories come to life
Science. Lets learn how to blow things up!
Do they have culinary here?
History. The past can really teach us something
Philosophy. Looking at how the world works, and how we can make a difference is a must.

What shades of colors best suit you best?

Warm colors for my personality
Well I'm usually chill, so probably cool colors
Metallic is pretty trippy but I dont know, color is overall a beautiful thing, how bout white? the combination of all color!?
I like the edgy look, Black is my thing you know?
Moderate colors are okay, green, purple, maybe a dark yellow something like that
I'm spontaneous so of course bright colors!

If you could have any house you wanted, what kind of place would you have?!

A bigger house calls for more appliances so the expense would higher, so a small home seems about right
A shack out in the middle of nowhere to catch up on some meditating I've been missing, and to wander around out there to see what I find
A decently sized house seems cool to me
I like a pretty nice place outside a city somewhere
My house is going to be gorgeous! Big kitchen, Big pool, big bedroom, the works baby!
All I need is a school bus and some carpenter skills

What is the best animal that fits you're personality type?

A Tiger. Its fierce, and strong as it stays quietly out of the way
I like the Wolf. It hunts together in packs, and but can also be a lone wolf. Its cunning and not afraid of anything. Not to mention a beautiful and majestic animal
I like to Porcupine. Its small, adorable, but it can protect itself if threatened
I like the Peacock. Its tail feathers are beautiful!
Uh, a Giraffe!? Hello?! the Giraffe is freakin awesome!
kittens. Kittens are adorable

What are you're kind of hobbies you take part in?

I like to do anything outside, Parkour, Football, etc.
Well I just like to do whatever anyone is down to do, Im cool with anything
Reading is prolly my best bet
Hanging with the peeps no doubt
Video Games, or playing some basketball, or maybe doing some martial arts
Lets see what the blog says today

You're class is doing a team project. Who do you choose as your partner?

I choose anyone who knows what their doing
I'd rather just work on my own but if I have too
Who ever chooses me I guess
The smart one of course!
The hot babe in the back for me!
I'm cool with anyone. Maybe the kid without a partner, teamwork is better anyways.

You just arrived at a new school, new teachers, new people, even new food. How do you approach your first day?

Walk in cool with a smile, you're backpack over one shoulder. You cool with relocation
A little scared of how people will look at you as you walk in and sit down. You just want to find a computer and you'll be set
You bust through the doors and hell, "HERE'S JOHNNY!" and walk right into class.
You walk in confident and turn heads as you walk through, you're totally content
You walk right in not looking at anyone, you miss your old school already but you're just ready to get started
You walk in and look around, remaining silent as you walk to class. You nod at few people to say hello

You see a kid sitting alone, but you don't know him. What do you do?

Slide up beside him and ask what's up with the lonerness
Look over at him and question what could be wrong, and whether you want to go over or not
Stop and ask someone else who he is and whats wrong
Yell to him and ask if he wants to come over to your table
Sit next to him and hug him and ask whats wrong and talk about it
Go over and sit next to him and just ask what's up, what music they like, what they're into etc.

If you won the lottery by any chance, what would you do with your money?

I would most likely pay the bills I have and then put it way in a savings account
New car!
A vacation for me and some friends
I'd pay what I had too, and then invest the rest to research to cure disease and new technology
Desperately need some new clothes
I'd buy me a little something then try to help my parents in any way I could

What kind of music sets the right mood for you?

I like Dubstep or slow ambient to give a calm feel
I like Alternative Rock
Heavy metal is the way to go!
I like a little country music every now and again
Trenddy pop duh!
I dont listen to music