what type of dog are you? (7)

what type of dog are you? (7)

Do the quiz and see what dog breed you are! and if you're a good boy/girl/whatever

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do you like dogs?

i love them more than life itself
meh, they're ok
hate them

how many times a day do you go for a walk?

At least ten times a day
A few times a day
once or twice
not many times
barely even one

do you love strangers?

i love everybody i meet!
some people i meet
a few people i meet
i'm indifferent
i hate anybody i don't know

do you like cats?

love them very much!
depends on the cat
i don't bother them, they dont bother me
i don't really like cats
hate them. so much.

what are your opinions on wet food?

i love it so much!
it's ok
i don't mind it
i wouldn't prefer it

what is your favorite type of toy

rope toys
squeaky toys
soft toys
toys with treats inside
i'm not a big toy person

do you like running?

I love it! i run as much as possible.
sometimes it's fun
only if i have to
i try not to
hate it, never ever want to run

(tell the truth) have you ever sneakily eaten a bit of cat food?

i do it all the time
i only do it sometimes
only if i'm really really hungry
i try not to, but it's so tasty
nah *couch cough* next question please

have you ever been forced to wear a coat?

yes, all the time
a few times
maybe once
i will bite you SO HARD

are you sweet or tough?

very very sweet, like sugar
sweet-ish, like weird tea
sometimes i'm sweet, sometimes i'm not
i can be tough if i want to
i'm as tough as nails, DEAL WITH IT BRUH