What warriors name do you have?

You can find out your name based on the answers in this quiz. It is a pretty good one.

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There's an injured loner on your territory,what do you do?

Chase it off or kill it,it's on my territory
Help the poor thing,find some herbs and prey
for it
Talk to the senior warriors about what to do with it
Tell the leader
Bring it to camp and have the medicine cat look at it

What is your fur color?

White with orange and grey spots
Orange tabby
Blue grey
Grey with orange ears

What clan are you?

Thunderclan,and I'm proud of it
Shadowclan,the best!
Windclans moorland is my home
Thunderclan,but I was born in shadowclan

What is your eye color?

Dark brown
Bright blue

What rank are you?

Medicine cat
I'm a queen and a warrior

What's your favorite color?

Grass green
Bright blue
Purple of course
Bright red

What is your favorite food

Squirrels are yummy!
I love rabbits
Fishing is my specialty so fish
Birds like chaffinches and sparrows

Given the choice,would you be a clan cat,a loner,a rogue,or a kittypet?

Clan life suits me, but a loner wouldn't be too bad
Rogue,definitely a rogue
A loner would be cool, but I'd never stop believing in starclan
I don't know

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