What instrument do you play in the Rainbooms?

What instrument do you play in the Rainbooms?

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How can you describe yourselves? (In 3 words)

Cool, Awesome, Confident.
Fierce, Confident, Encouraging.
Kind, Calm, Shy.
Generous, Elegant, Fabulous.
Crazy, Funny, Cheerful.
Honest, Down to earth, Simple.
Intelligent, Asocial, Dependable.

Which one is your favorite song in My Little Pony : Equestria Girls?

This is our Big Night!
Dance Magic!
Twilight Sparkle Win the Crown!
The song I wrote....
Life is a Runway!
Awesome as I wanna be!
My Past is not Today!

What is your Talent?

I'm not any.

What is the Phrase that you always say?

"Everything has an Explanation"
"Oh, I'm sorry...
"I know you can do it!"
"Howdy, Partner!"
"I know it's gonna be awesome!"
"Don't be Riddiculous, darling!"

What do you enjoy doing the most in the world?

Showing Off!
Just selling fizzy Apple Cider!
Caring for Animals!

Suppose you are playing a song in the band and you are the lead singer. But, you cannot get the lyrics correct. What will you do?

Try and Try!
I'll sing a song I like!
As long as I look beautiful, I don't think of practicing!
That never happens!
Act funny on the stage!
I don't care!
I am scared of Flashlights! (I never will sing)

Do you lack Team spirit?

Please don't ask Athletic questions! I hate getting dirty!
Maybe! I don't know!
I am not that serious!