Your Life as a movie

if your life were a movie,what kind would it be-and would you pay 9.00 to see it?

published on May 17, 201622 responses 1 4.7★ / 5

Which sign would go on your door?

I <3 Kittens
I'd rather be skydiving
Warning: Contents under pressure
Private! Keep out! This means you!

If you could be a superstar athlete, which sport would you do?

figure skating

You get a paper cut-what do you do?!

Ask to go to the nurse's office-immediately-before you die
gross everyone out with your blo-o-o-o-od
put a bandage on it
pass out

Who would you eat lunch with

Bart Simpson
Prince Charming
Harry Potter
Black Beauty

There's a nasty insect in the shower. You....

Squash it
Name it
Rescue it

How do you get to the dance with your date?

Horse-drawn carriage
Oscar Meyer Wienermoblie

Surprise! Your parents/friends redecorated your room! the worst color they could paint the walls would be....

plain white
pink with flower stencils
no new paint- they left the wall how it is