Does Your Crush Like You? (5)

Does Your Crush Like You? (5)

Do you just hate wondering if he likes you or not because you got other stuff to do? Do you want the truth? Take my quiz! :) i hope you enjoyed!

published on November 02, 201477 responses 11 4.2★ / 5

Does he ever look at you?

Does he ever look at you?
Yeah allot of times!/Yeah he even
No not really ive caught him
He does but he looks at me like he would look at any other person!

Has he ever complimented you?

Yup tons of times!/often!/sometimes!
No ...

Has he ever touched you in anyway? Hold hands, hug, kiss? Etc.

He has hugged me!/kissed/holded my hand!
Just high 5s or pat on the back

Does he only focus on you?

Nope :(

Have you heard rumors saying he likes you?

No never actually!

Do you guys have allot in common?

Nah ...

Are you guys friends?

No i wish though

If i wasnt so shy ...