Which undertale character are you? (11)

Hey aj jammers I'm doin something different today and doin my other fav game

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Your friend is bieng bullied what do you do??

Umm I'm stay out of it!
Come up to then and teach them a pice of my mind!!
Annoy them until they leave
Inore then I wasn't too found anyways...

What would you do if you accidently hurt someone's feelings

Runnnnnn I don't wanna get yelled at
Apologize I'm kind and you should be to
Pshh they should toughen up
Bruh I that won't happen

If someone needs help what do you do

They are old enough to be able to care for themselfs
Help they are young and I love everyone!!
I would help then become their bestie!!!

Your alone and don't know what do are you scared

Umm no!!!
I would be really scared!!!
Sim not a scaredy cat but thanks for asking!
Hehe idek

If you were hurt would you tell someone

I'm not a 3 year old
Yeah I care about my health