What faction in divergent are you in?

Have you ever wondered what faction you were in? Are you brave,honest or kind? Take this quiz to find out :)

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What faction in divergent are you in?
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1. You most want your friends and family to see you as someone who…

Is willing to make sacrifices and help anyone in need.
Is liked by everyone.
Is trustworthy.
Will protect them no matter what happens.
Offers wise advice.

2. When you are faced with a difficult problem, you react by…

Doing whatever will be the best thing for the greatest number of people.
Creating a work of art that expresses your feelings about the situation.
Debating the issue with your friends.
Facing it head-on. What else would you do?
Making a list of pros and cons, and then choosing the option that the evidence best supports.

3. What would you most likely find yourself doing on the weekend or an unexpected day off?

Painting, dancing, or writing poetry.
Sharing opinions with your friends.
Rock climbing or skydiving!
Catching up on your homework or reading for pleasure.

4. If you had to select of of the following options as a profession, which would you choose?

Humanitarian (a person who seeks to promote human welfare)

5. When choosing you outfit for the day, you select…

Whatever will attract the least amount of attention.
Something comfortable, but interesting to look at.
Something that's simple but still expresses your personality.
Whatever will attract the most attention.
Something that will not distract or inhibit you from what you have to do that day.

6. If you discovered that a friend’s boyfriend/girlfriend was being unfaithful/cheating, you would…

Tell your friend because you feel that it is unhealthy for him or her to continue in a relationship where such selfish behavior is
Sit them both down so that you can act as a mediator when they talk it over.
Tell your friend as soon as possible. You can’t imagine keeping that knowledge a secret.
Confront the cheater! You might also take action by egging his/hers house—all in the name of protecting your friend, of course.
Keep it to yourself, statistics show that your friend will find out eventually

What would you say is your highest priority right now?

Serving those around you.
Finding peace and happiness for yourself.
Seeking truth in all things.
Developing your strength of character.
Success in work or school.