Girly girl or tomboy (1)

are u a girly girl or tomboy or in the middle find out here what u are considered take the quiz

published on April 08, 201525 responses 8 5.0★ / 5

DO u like sports

what is a sport those are disgusting I just love pink
yea sure whatever

do u like pink

yes I love it
ewww I hate pink no
a little

what is you favorite color

pink and glitter
navy blue

do u go shopping a lot for clothes an pink stuff

yes I know where everything is in the mall wear the cute stuff is and wear the ugly not pink stuff is that I need to avoid
no I go to the mall like twice year sometimes only once
I go when I can I always have to ask my mom

do u own glitter

no I hate it
I have glitter sometimes I wish I could have glitter in my paint that's on my wall
I have some not a lot