Do you still like him ?

Do you still like him ?

Its hard to know if you like him still, here hopefully you will have an honest opinion about if you still like him.

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When you see him do you..

Ignore him
Get nervous
Get butterflys
Dont care
Smile and look at him

Do you think you still like him ?

Yes alot!
I dont know, i need to find out
I hate him !!

Has he ever made you cry ?


Is he going out with someone?
(if hes still commenting on your pics or texting you orliking ur pics ect, he is playing you)

Sadly YESS !!!
Nooooooo :)
I dont know

When he sees you does he even talk to you like he does on social stuff or even look at you ? ( if he does it doesnt mean he likes you)

No, we dont talk or look at each other
He looks at me ....
Yess !

Its hard because lads play girls so much, if your taking this quiz because you know you wont be together then do you think you can let go in 3 months?

Yeah, i think so
Yup defo
No i need longer
Never !!