Are You The Element Of Loyalty?

Are You The Element Of Loyalty?

Are You The Element Of Loyalty? Find out in this fun and innovative quiz.

published on June 23, 201440 responses 13 5.0★ / 5

You are presented with your life long dream, but you must abandon your friends to get it. What do you do?

Leave my friends!
Stay with my friends!
My life long dream is to be with my friends forever!

What would you do if your best friend is about to be killed?

Sacrifice Myself!
Leave him/her.

Say you're a pegasus who can't fly yet. You've been trying to fly for years now, but you just can't. What do you do?

Give up.
Keep trying!
My friends can help me!

You're favorite tv show is on. Someone tells you to deliver something. What do you do?

Deliver it!
Of course i would! (LIAR)
That tv show will come on again anyway.
Ugh. Fine.

Someone saves you from an avalanche. What do you do?

Marry me!
I could of saved myself.
Thank you so much!
How could I ever repay you?!?

Do you think you got the element of loyalty?

Yes! Duh!
I Don't Know!