Will Smile dog want you to be his friend?

Will Smile dog want you to be his friend?

Lets find out people. Take this and see if he wants you as his friend or hates you. Good luck.

published on April 28, 202132 responses 5
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Me: Okay Smile dog. Come here boy.
Smile dog: What do you want?
Me: You have to ask this quizzer questions.
Smile dog: Okay. Dogs or cats?

Dogs all the way
Smile dog: Yay! I like this person already.
Me: Awesome.
Smile dog: :(
Me: How dare you?! You guys are mean.

Smile dog: Who is your favorite creepypasta besides me?

Jeff The Killer
Smile dog: Cool! I like him too
Me: Same.
Grinny cat
Smile dog: Your mean.
Me: You guys are hurting his feelings.

Smile dog: What is your favorite color? Don't kill me for this question.
Me: Spread the word.
Smile dog: No. That's my line.
Me: I know that. I'm just "Borrowing it."
Smile dog: Yeah sure.

Red and black
Smile dog: Cool. Mine too.
Me: Same.
Smile dog: Oh H*ll no!
Me: Nope. Nuh uh. I don't like this person.
Smile dog: Me either.

Smile dog: What is your favorite weapon?

Smile dog: Omg...
Me: Wow.
Smile dog: Boring.
Me: Agreed.

Smile dog: What is your favorite kind of dog?
Me: Good one.

Smile dog: Awesome.
Me: Me too!
Bull dogs
Smile dog: Why me? I don't like you people.
Me: Oof.

Smile Dog: Would you want to play with me like Jeff does?

Yes. I would
Smile dog: Sweet
Me: Nice.
No. Never
Smile dog: :(
Me: That hurt you guys. Geez. You guys are so mean.

Smile dog: Alright I'm out. I'm done *Leaves the room*
Me: Welp. Now it's my turn. What do you think of Smile dog?

He's awesome. He is the best.
Me: I know right?!
I hate him
Me: Then why are you here?

Me: What is Smile dog also called?

No clue. Smile clown.
Me: Wowwww. Not cool guys not cool.

Me: Alright. I ran out of ideas. So cya.

I don't give a f*ck
Me: Screw you.