What type of jammer are you?

What type of jammer are you?

If you play Animal Jam, this quiz is for you! Are you a roleplayer, an adopter, a gamer or something else? Have fun and please comment at the end!

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What is ur fav animal to play as in AJ?

Arctic Wolf (they look best in clothes)
Snow Leopard
All animals!
Anything I can scam with! Me: okay...

Are you a boy or girl?


What makes you the most angry?

When I can't get adopted
When no one likes me
When I am kicked out of a clan
When I can't find rares

What do you think you will get? (Does not effect answers)

Roleplayer! Me: lol I'm a roleplayer:)
Goody 4 paws (someone who plays AJ the way it's meant to be played)
Other (sorry I got bored of typing these)

What do u do most often?

Look for rares
Look for or make clans
Find someone who likes me
Play games to earn gems and toys!
Look for animals to fill my journal!

What is your fav place in Jamaa?

Pillow Room!
Sarepia Forest!
Sol Arcade!
Jamaa Township! (So I can scam!)