Which Gem's Personality Is Closest To Your's?

Which Gem's Personality Is Closest To Your's?

Hi guys!I'm Eclipsed Wolf,but call me Eclipse.I just want to say I hope the results are accurate and you have fun discovering another side to you(If not please tell me in the comment section what I can improve on my next on,thanks!).Also,that if a answer isn't fully true for you,but is very close chose it.I OWN NOTHING!Besides the questions,I guess.

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This is my first quiz,please don't be to judgmental.You Ready?

You:Let's do this!
Me:I agree!
Me:I guess you like quizzes
You:(Scoffs)Of course.
Me:Quite smudgy,I see
You:I always am.
Me:I hardly am :/

Q.1 From....Me!
Q:If you had a twin how would you two use each other's help/appearances?

You:We'd play video games all day and finish
them twice as fast!
Me:I'd be doing that too ;)
You:Pranking people,having fun,and
competing against each other to see who the
alpha twin is,duh!
Me:Another thing I'd consider
You:Training.(Few Seconds of Silence)
Me:That's...that's it?
You:I guess I need to get more help
You:More help protecting the ones I
love.Friends,family,and world.At all costs.

Me:Q.2 From....Steven!
Steven:Hey!Here's an easy one.
Q:What do you think of meeting new people?
Me:My answer:I suck at being social.

You:I'd love that!A new friend to get to know!
Me:I'd be your friend.
Steven:Me too!
You:As long as they know how to have fun
like me,I don't care!
Me:I think everyone has they're own
definition of fun.
You:Will they be responsible,civilized,and
know what actual fun is?
Me:Um,yeah,sure,I guess.
You:Than okay.I'd be they're friend.
You:I can deal with anyone who comes my

Me:Next is Q.3 From....Amethyst
Amethyst:Okay,okay,here it is.
Q:If you had to fight a monster gem,how would you beat it?
Me:Good question.I didn't know you had it in you.
Amethyst:Shut up.

You:If it's not big I'd tame it,but if it is I'd
need help.
Amethyst:That doesn't sound to fun.
You:Mess around with it for a while before
showing off my awesome moves and
defeating it.
Amethyst:Uh-huh-yeah!High Five!(You high
five each other)
Me:Fun is fun,right?
You:I'd skillfully destroy it with my flawless
Me:That sounds a little too simple.
You:Oh,no it isn't.Its very complex.
You:I'd attack it head on and that be the end
of it.
Amethyst:You go,bro!
Me:Isn't that a little dangerous?
You:Yes.For the monster.

Me:Q.4!Presented by Pearl.I said I right,right?
Pearl:Yes,you did fine.Could've been better,but it's fine.
Me:(Sighs)Just ask the question.
Pearl:Q:How would go on protecting someone you care deeply about?

You:I'd always be there for them and help
them whenever they need it.
Me:Aww!Thats sweet.
Pearl:But not cautious.
You:The people I care about never need
protection and even if they did they don't
admit it,but if they ever do I'll try.
Me:They're tough.
You:I'd protect them with my life.They are
more important than anything.
Me:Even when they asked you not to?
You:Especially than.
Pearl:I completely agree!
You:Give them they're space.They will call me
when they need help and if they need it and
don't call I'll step in.
Me:Patience is the key.
Pearl:That seems crazy.

Garnet:Q.When is fusion of gems okay?
Me:That's so easy!Unless you're dense and don't watch the show.

You:I don't know a whole lot,but I think it's
when you need to or just to impress others.
Me:I agree and disagree 100%
Garnet:I agree....With nothing you said.
You:To break stuff that annoys me and gets in
the way!
Me:Remind me not to give you power.
Garnet:Too much power can go to your head.
You:Only when needing extra strength in
defeating a monster.
Me:Every monster?
You:Only strong ones.
You:When the two gems are willing to and if it
isn't for a self advantage.It also has to be a
good match in order for it to work.
Garnet:No argument there.

Me:Now that the questions are out of the way time for a few questions.Q.6
Pearl:That made no sense.
Me:Course it did.Don't tell it doesn't.Anyway.
Q:What type of colors do you like?

You:I like happy,light colors like yellow and
light blue and some others.
Me:A light spirit.Nice.(Pun intended)
You:Dark colors that have a kind of edge and
style to them,but they also are great for
Me:Pretty cool.
You:Elegant and fancy colors like royal blue.
Me:A fancy pants.
You:Rough and rugged colors like
red,black,and others.
Me:(Nods)A strong feel.

Q:What are your hobbies?

You:Hanging with my friend(s),playing video
games,working every now and than on my
skills,occasionally read books out of
order,and/or trying to train my pet(s).
You:Having fun,going out,making
music,annoying others,sleeping,eating,and
keeping the order and peace.
You:Solving problems,giving advice,swimming
as far as I can,and predicting peoples actions.

Connie:Can I do this one?
Me:Of course!
Connie:Q:You would rather?

Get stuck at the bottom of the ocean with
some stranger and feel very awkward,not
sure how you'll get back up.
Be considered a mess up and know its true.
Lose your best friend and be told you weren't
as close as you thought with proof to back it
Know there are others like you who were
weak,alone in pain and not being able to do
anything,making you think it was your fault.

Me:Q.9!Mr.Universe?Would you like to ask the next question?
Greg:Um,you sure?(Me:Nods)Oh,okay.Q:What type of music do you listen to the most?

You:All types!I can sing to almost anything--
or--All types.I'm a little too shy to sing along
You:Hip hop,rap,you know party,dancing
You:I like classics,nothing too loud or
You:Anything with a sense of feeling,truth,and

Me:Q.10.The Final Question.Which is RP(Role Playing)Sorry......?
Q:If you were your own crystal gem(your own character)and you fought in the rebellion with the other gems,but was caught and given an offer where you'd give them info in exchange for your freedom what would you do?

You:I'd start asking them questions.I need to
know who I'm telling secrets to.
You:I'd bargain my way out with something
else and when that doesn't work I'd fight
You:I'd give them some useless
information,not telling them of our amazing
You:I wouldn't talk,no matter what they did.