Are you like an American or a Canadian?

Are you like an American or a Canadian?

Take this quiz to find out if you are like an American or a Canadian inside. I bet it would be weird if you're American but you get Canadian or vice versa--if that happens to you, that just means your values match up with the other country's more. And if you're neither American or Canadian...well, now you know where to visit or live in North America. Good luck! Note--this quiz is UNBIASED.

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Do you like the UK?

Kinda do/Kinda don't/Really don't
Yes! I think I'd feel at home there.

Which sport do you like more? (Even if you don't like either, just pick one.)

Gridiron football (aka the kind with the funny-looking ball)

How do you think new immigrants to your country should adapt to the new culture?

They should become like us; otherwise why did they come here? "When in Rome, do as the Romans do".
They should respect our customs and values, but otherwise we think their diversity benefits our culture.

Which rapper do you like more (even if you don't like rap)?

Jay Z

Do you believe your country is the greatest in the whole world?

Yes! All the way!/No, there's way too much racism and poverty!
Maybe not THE greatest, but one of the best./No, our government sucks!

What do you think of your biggest neighbouring country?

They're nice, I guess. We like to make fun of them! LOL
They're like that annoying sibling you have to live with that keeps embarrassing and making fun of you.

Do you take off your shoes when you go in someone's house?

Not usually, unless they ask me to
Almost always.

Do you think ordinary citizens should own guns?

Do you think ordinary citizens should own guns?
Yes, it's our right to be able to protect ourselves.
No, it's dangerous and unnecessary.

Which animal do you like more?

Bald eagle, because it's proud and strong
Beaver, because it's humble and hard-working

Should you be able to make fun of and criticise your country's leader, anywhere, any way, even on government-funded TV?

I don't know...that seems pretty disrespectful to our leader.
Of course, we have to hold them accountable!

When talking about the weather, what would you say?

Nice/bad weather, huh?
Nice/bad weather, eh?