What Type of Father Are You? (1)

What Type of Father Are You? (1)

Determine your parenting style with this quiz. Proceed with caution and may the force be with you.

published on May 08, 201421 responses 3
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Your son just got his very first girlfriend. You tell him:

“Nice work son. She’s hot and smart. Did you get any yet?”
“Remember to always treat her with respect, just like I taught you.”
“Maybe if you keep her around long enough she’ll make you a better man.”
“It’s a miracle you’ve managed to keep a girl around longer than an hour.”

Your son tells you he wants to work as a fashion designer one day. You tell him:

“Whatever will make you happiest son"
“Is that a real man’s job?”
"Don't you want to keep your options open?"
"As long as you get to drink beer on the job"

Your son just fell down and scraped his knee. You tell him:

“Rub some dirt in and quit your crying. You’re making a scene.”
“If it’s not bleeding, you’re fine. Go play.”
“Do you need a hug?”
“Don’t be a girl like your sister. Leave the crying to her.”

What type of camp would you send your son to for the summer?

Camp? My kid needs to be put to work, there’s no time for relaxing
Boy Scout camp. He should learn to survive on his own
Art camp. His mother needs new potholders anyway
Etiquette camp. He has no manners

How would you dress your son?

Whatever he likes is good enough for me
In a suit. He’s never too young for a tie
With the latest H&M styles. He has to be stylish like his father
If costs no more than $5, I’ll buy anything he wants

Your son just failed his first test. Your words of encouragement are:

“Quit your cryin’. It’s just a test. School isn’t important anyway.”
“I know you’ll do better next time. You’re a smart kid.”
“Did you use your noggin at all?”
“Grab a beer from the fridge and you’ll forget all about it.”

Father-son bonding times mainly consists of:

Staying at home and watching his favorite movie
Teaching him a new skill, like hunting or cooking
Attending any type of sporting event
Snoozing on the couch with the TV on

How would you describe your fathering style?

Weird and silly. Kids make life enjoyable
Strict and tough. I learned from my dad the hard way
Nurturing and supportive. I strive to be the best parent possible
Apathetic and uninterested. You wonder why you gave up your life for kids

What would be your favorite thing to eat?

It automatically has a certified organic label. I’m thankful for Whole Foods
A juicy, rare steak. Anything meaty and hearty for a strong man
Beer. It’s a food group in his household
Donuts. Mmm, sugar.

If your son decided to wear his little sister’s dress with his mother’s high heels your first reaction would be:

Stand there in shock, unsure of whether you should scream or run
Tell him he looks nice but jokingly suggest a different color for his skin tone
Demand he remove it at once and immediately go outside to toss a football
Agree to keep the incident between you two then run to consult your wife