which character are you from shadows of evil?

are you Jessica, Nero, Jackie V or Floyd find out which carecter fron shadows of evil you are

published on January 09, 201624 responses 2

how do you perfer to kill a zombie?

walk around it you can always get to him later
throw a grenade at him, its cool to see the guts fly
simply end him with a clean head shot
kinfe him more points

which ritual do yo like to do.

waterfront, hardest one to get the ritual done just get it over with
Footlight, its so easy to complete all in one.
the rift its intense and you like a good challenge
Canals ideal training spot

which gun do you like the most

hand gun nice to run with
gun you don't need a gun when you have your fist
SMG faster the bullets faster the kills
Shotgun more fire power

what is the best perk

jugg you need to take a few hits if your going to survive
speed cola don't want to get stuck in a reload
doubel tap root beer faster death for zombies
staminup you need to get arond zombies and fast

favorite part of shadows of evil

civil protector its nice to have someone else to fight with
the swords. the greatest melee weapon out there
the way you have to open pack a punch its cool to see magic stuff happen
the marastigwa neat wonder weapon