If you ever fought that u had a lost twin this is the quiz for u

If u felt like your parents were hiding a big secret from u! It might be that u have a lost twin! Take this test and find out in this quiz!

published on March 0813 responses 0

Have u ever felt a connection to someone far away?

Yes i fell like that every day!
Yeah! But only once or twice.

What part of an oreo do u like the best?

Oviousliy the cookies
All of the oreo!
I don't like oreos!

What is your favourite coulor?

Pink, Purple!
Blue, Green!

Have u ever felt like your parents were hiding a big secret?

No! They wouldn't betray me!
All the time!
I'm not sure...

O.K! Do trulley think that u could have a lost twin?

Yes i' surten!
U never know...