what call of duty map are you from black ops 2?

1 Which map are you you form black ops 2 buried,origins,mob of the dead, die rise or transit. but if you end up with with buried, die rise or the wort map that we shall not speak of we are not going to be that good of friends

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What is your favorite boss zombie

panzer he gives me a part for the fire staff.
I respect you Brutes even if you don't do anything
I guess the Avogadro has a pretty cool aesthetic
Jumping Jacks gives me a free perk
The witches they are the thing that is keeping me away from double tap a free perk and sweet sweet pap

what is your favorite power up

fire sale I need guns like now!
Double points I started off in Brooklyn with a small loan of a million dollars from my father.
carpenter I have the hammer go find me a sickle.
Insta kill you all die right now

Who is your favorite character.

Al Arlington Keven Hart survives the apocalypse.
Takeo will we ever get a sword
Nicolie. How did you survive nine wife
Rictofen. The doctor will see you now.
Russman. Morgan freeman survives the apocalypse.

Your favorite zombie crew.

Tranzit troopers
Call of the dead clan
The O.G crew.
updated O.G crew
sellout Shadows of evil

Favorite method of travel.

Call of the dead zip line
Tank on Origins
wondersvere (can't spell)
Der ries teleporters
tranzit bus

favorite pap camo

mob of the dead ritual
origins ice
waw classic
regular bo2 camo
balck ops 1 computer camo