2015 Does he like you back?

2015 Does he like you back?

the latest , NEWEST and improved "Does he like me back? / "Does he like you back" . Of course it cant read his mind but it can help you and give you an idea :)

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You talk :

Now and then...
All the time!

What type of crush is he ?

Hes the crush your instantly attracted to type, he looks amazing!
Hes the handsome stranger you visualise a future fairy tale romance with <3
Hes a crush ive had for a long time!
Hes a bestfriend that turned into a crush!

Does he complement you a lot?

not really. he doesnt get the chance - we dont talk too often
All the time...
Quite a lot.. yeah
No, hes never complemented me (not yet)

Every single time you talk you feel...

So great and happy!
Incredibly hot, nervous, un comfortable (but its worth it)
Sparks... Its amazing!
like you need to leave the room and run! its sometimes difficult to talk, his presence makes me twitch... ugh

How often do you laugh with each other?

All the timeee
At the very least once a day.
We havent... yet
I cant answer that

Do you have him on social media?

No.. should i?
He doesnt have social media!
Yeah, i have him on evrythang
yes, its mandatory ;)

Do you have his number?

No :(
No way!

(if you do have his number)... do you talk often?

Not much
i dont have his number?

Hes always...

trying to talk to you
ignoring you
looking at another girl
looking at you

Are there rumors about you and him?

Yeah.. about me liking him!
there have been afew about him liking me but rumors are rumors, theyre lies.. rightt?

Do you think about him ...

all the time

so.. do YOU think he likes you back?

You know, i really hope he does. id like to think he does. He likes me, maybe not in that way, but sometimes i feel
like maybe he does :)
No. That would be impossible