what Pokemon go trainer are you? (only players who like pokemon)

what Pokemon go trainer are you? (only players who like pokemon)

ok guys I'm back sorry for not posting quizez so this includes what team you are on like team mystic team valor or team instinct so hope you guys enjoy and make sure to leave awesome comments!

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how many gyms you would like to take over

maybe like 5 to 10
100 duh I'm the very best hah I better than you
maybe like a six not important
well maybe like a small amount not like one but like from a 1 to ten

what happens if you win against your enemy at a gym

celebrate so hard everybody's ears bleed saying hah you lost I win
yah gg even tho I won I say fair game
yay I got you it ok on to the next one oh and sorry gg
ok I got you let me just collect this gym ok bye gg

you got a rare pokemon

in your face hahaahahahahhahahaah I got mewtwo and you don't yah bye loser
yay I'm the first one to get ditto but I don't need it Ill give it to the professer
oh cool a rare pokemon ehh don't need it other people have already got it
that is amazing a 2019 cp azelf wow cool ok I need more pokeballs brb

someone says are you ok you've been playing pokemon go all day

its just so so addicting someday yull understand(him) eh maybe so.
shut up loser catching a pigeot leave me alone
(him) are u. (you) wait a sec got to evolve my bulbasaur to a ivysausr then a evolve to a venasaur(you do it finally)(him) um.(you) wait got to get this gym yay I won ok sorry strategy anyway what
wait I'm just getting a rattata (catches rattata) ok no you can talk

how much times would you say you bragg

uh 0 heh I never do it hehe(secretly)
maybe like 10 time but surly sorry
1 duh
maybe 15 times its just I get exited

how would you rate pokemon go pokemon and pokestops

its good no need to report the game or sueing it
amazing it helps with strategy and with it you can be the very best
cool oh yeah cool good quality its amazing
maybe no its ok but yeah