are u a serial killer

are u a serial killer

first quiz no hater comments pls, ever wondered if u were a serial killer? Take this to fink out,

published on April 16, 201717 responses 4 3.3★ / 5

have u killed before?

yes it was fun
Torture!!.me. what the hell is wrong with u!?

do u want to go on a killing spree?

Yes!!!!!!it's my only joy in life
Hell no b*tch
.......... what the hell!
Sounds fun I really want to try it!!!!

after killing you?

cry all day. me. crybaby
No No No I'd never kill!!!!!!!!!.me. Drama queen
hang with friends who helped and talk about the fun!
watch TV, put together a puzzle, read,cook, normal stuff
kill. more .me. u have a problem

u see an injured baby animal, u

Kill it
Torture it. what the hell is wrong with u!!
heal it and adopt it!!
leave it
Kick it

Favourite color?

Seriously... Go to hell!
Red like blood!.me. yeah(high five)
white! So pure
rainbow .me. I mean one color!whatever

u see a serial killer kill somebody, u?

Back off slowly
Call the cops
run up and say "can I join!"
kill the killer
walk up and say cool! give a present to the killer and leave,

Was the quiz good?

I guess
HELL NO!!!!!!
no really srry