How well do you know yourself? (2)

Six personalities. 11 questions. Which category will you fit in with? Don't skim past this quiz, because it's based on facts and I've had a professional help in this. I hope you feel like you know yourself better after answering just 11 questions. All of these personalities are so different, but yet the same. You'll find yourself linked to one another in some way. The results may shock you, but read before you judge :) Anyways, after you finish this quiz, none of us will know each other anymore, so safe. Love and always, Anonymous.

published on June 02, 201629 responses 4
How well do you know yourself? (2)
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If you were given a million dollars...?

I would try to help those In need, but first help myself.
I would buy cars. I love cars.
I would do something Illegal.
Save save save it all up. My future child's education is very important! Plus, I might get injured and need some hospital money :)
Who cares? I would still live the same way as before.
I'll spend it on my social needs. What I really mean to say is clothes for Important events.

Would you say you're a picky person?

When it comes to choosing friends, yes. Perhaps a bit too picky.
No! I practically live in the wild, I don't have time for choices. I'll make do with whatever's there!
Of course I am, I do what's best for me! But I guess I can get a bit stubborn at times.
Indecisive more than picky. Might as well just go with my guts sometimes.
I like to do what's best for my loved ones, I barely think about myself in these situations.
No. I'll adapt to whatever's around me.

Describe yourself in one word.

Picky :P

When you look In the mirror...what do you see?

Me :(
I see flaws, but we can work on that.
Someone destined to be great
An uncomfortable layer. People are holding me back!
Me, and only me :) Thank god no one's around to judge.
Strong, but weak.

What is your current relationship status?

Single, but ready to date.
Single, so not ready for relationships! Don't like being judged.
It's complicated.
I love him/her. But they WILL NOT LOVE ME BACK!
I'm single, nobody can tame my wild side.
I'm in a relationship.

What's your favorite colour?

Funny thing, I don't have one. The rest will feel hurt :(
Neon mostly.
I'm in the black, greys and whites.
Red. The colour of FIRRRREEEEE!
Baby, soft colours.
Purple. The color of Power and leadership.

Why are you a tiger? (I won't take no for an answer)

Because I'm fierce.
I'll eat you up if you anger me.
Because I'm rare.
I have a fixed prey, in human translation, I'm not ready for a change.
Can I be a lion Instead?
Maybe because I'm sly and you won't see me coming at you.

What drinks do you get drunk from?

Vodka. WIth a twist.
Anything, really.
Some chilled up white wine.
A couple of beers should get me going.
I don't drink.

What is an interesting book to you?

An Interesting book should become a movie.
An Interesting book should never become a movie, I am almost always disappointed with the results.
An Interesting book...hmmm....that's an interesting question!
An Interesting book will definitely appeal to my eye. It should have a twist, and be very violent!
An Interesting book read by me will get over in 0.2 seconds. I am a very fast reader and can't wait for the ending!
An Interesting book has to be read slowly, to make it even more interesting and nerve wrecking.

You're given the title of a renaissance man/woman. What talents do you prosper in?

Mathematics, geometry, architecture.
Beauty. The power of feminism.
I'll be a painter! And I'll draw portraits too.
I will Invent many new scientific discoveries.
I'll Invent some out-of-the-box Ideas! You won't even see it coming!
I'll be a fair sportsman.

Lastly, What do you think of exams?

Unnecessary, It's just so overwhelming and doesn't define one's brain and what they're capable of achieveing.
I don't care. I just want to get it over with.
They help you realise what you're future profession may be, they're super important!
I cheat, so until now, I couldn't care less.
I just like comparing marks.