What group are you in at centeiria? Dragonfire, cougarclaw, weaselpaw, llamahan, viperden, or panthereye?

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You come across a castle door that you are determined to open, but it's locked! How do you open it?

I'm not just gonna break in! I'll knock and hopefully someone answers
I'm going to find a more creative way to get in if it's locked
I'm going to use what I've got and take control of the situation
I'm going to vigorously shake the door in hopes it will open
I'm going to try and break the door down
eh, it wont open. Why bother?

A room you go in is full of fascinating item! You get to take one of your choice, what do you pick?

Book of dark poems
I'm going to take as much as I can!
The mysterious looking puzzle
The art supplies
The treasure chest full of gold coins, so I can give to the needy

Something jumps out of the forest and scares you! What is it?

The Troll
The Werewolf
The Mysterious Unknown Beast
Something crazier than you.
A Kitten
Im not scared of the wood, sooo

In a romantic relationship you look for....

Someone who can handle your crazy
Someone who is nice, so they can even out how mean you are
Someone who gets your dark humor
Someone resourceful
Someone sweet that loves your artistic abilities
Anyone that is compatible

You just walked into a room in a castle, what is the first thing you notice?

How pretty it is!
The paintings on the wall
The desk with a notepad and pencil
The sword case
The bookshelf full of books

When you think of a horse, what does it make you think about?

A beautiful meadow
A graceful painting
Horse Race
A farm

You are starting to fall asleep, the first thing you think about is...

How great my life is
What im going to do creative the next day
How am I going to make myself fall asleep?
Me beating someone up in my dreams
Finally my day is over!