Which Gaming Console Are You?

Are you the sleek Xbox one or the powerful Playstation four or Maybe the wii u.

published on March 25, 201615 responses 4

You are a...

You are a...

You can buy one console you buy..

Xbox One
Playstation four
Wii u

Your favorite game is

Call of Duty
Mario Cart

Your friend comes over to have a sleep over at your house you...

Play Minecraft till 1:00am and only get angry at each other
Play nazi zombies going for world records
Get extremely competitive with multiple games and then end up asking him to leave because he beat you at your
favorite game

You don't have anything to do on friday so you...

Stay up all night ranking up your character
stay up till about 9:00pm and play with your friends.
You play with your family while getting a work out.