Are you human? (1)

Are you human? (1)

This quiz will tell you if you are human or not. Are you robot Ziegler? Or an Alien? Or are you a tmnt? Who knows. All I know is I’m a depressed turtle who loves potatoes but they hate me.

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Who do you have a crush on?


How much do you love yourself

I don’t I am to insecure
I love myself more dan u do
It needs more terrestrial life forces.
I actually like it it’s ok.

What do you do in your free time.

Take over the world
Play video game
WHat ever I feel like.
Helping other people.

What is the meaning of life

There is none
To take over the world
To abduct things.
To make sure life sim lived to its fullest.

If you had to choose which one.

Potatoes for life
Dabs for life
Pizza for life
Video games for life

When are you happy

I am depressed I have no emotions
I ignore everything’s in the world
I am happy when I feel like it.
When my crush is looking or talking to me.

If you could, who would you date.


What’s I say you’re fav meme

The I love bread oprah
Just do it
Do u now da wae
Mark zuckerburg I am hu-man meme

If you could be one what would u be

A extraterrestrial life force

What is your fav food?

Pizza. I mean it’s obvious.
Um... let me think. Whatever I want.
Astronaut food
What ever is on the table