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If u didn't win regionals what would u do?

Would You Try and get in to another
regional competition and cheat
Would you just leave it and be nice and be
Would u get nervous
Would u be Bossy to lower down their

If ur friend is getting bullied what do u do?

I would tell them to buzz off or I will make
I would shove them and slap them across
the face
I would tell them to stop bullying them even
if the bully is going to pick on u too
Ask them to stop politley

If someone was auditioning for ur space in the dance group what would u do?

Work hard to get back in the group
Cheat to get back in the group

If u were getting bullied what would u do?

Stand up for yourself
Be quiet about it

If u were going for cofee and u ddint have money what would u do?

I wouldn't go
I would ask for money