What minion is your fav!

Find out which minion is your favorite! You will enjoy this much if you like minions.

published on May 20, 201518 responses 5 4.6★ / 5

what minion do you like

A cyclops that is short
a 2 eyed short minion
a tall, two eyed minion
A tall, two eyed minion with a fruit hat.

what would you like to eat

A fluffy unicorn
A banana
Anything but gru's jelly

What is an awesome outfit

Fruit hat
mutated purple skin and black overalls
Standard minion outfit
battle outfit and machine gun (of bad tasting jelly)

What have you done that not many other people have.

bravely infiltrated a base full of evil minions
smashed a ton of fruit into a hat
turned into an evil minion
Floated in a box with an underwear parachute.

what is the worst?

Getting your glass eye covering shattered
being sucked up by an ice cream truck
Being sucked up by a flying saucer
Never getting an awesome hat