HP life (1)

HP life (1)

HEY GUYS y'all ready for dis? You're life at Hogwarts, you're roll in the wizard ing world Sorry in advance if you don't like your result. Byers

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Hey! You're at the great hall in you're first year. After what seems like an eternity your name gets called at the sorting hat. What house do you want?

Anything but slytherin
I'll be accepted there
Slytherin.. it sounds fun.
I'm smart like them

If you could chose a smiley for your face to be stuck in forever which would it be?


What is your favorite food?

Anything new that I can try.
Um.. I dunno meat?
Something neat so it won't mess up my clothes or books

What mythical creature would you rather be?

A unicorn!!
Discord from MLP
A Mermaid
A hippogriff

You find your best friend smooching on your BF what do you do to her?

I'll leave them to what they were doing then read the book: "how to
break up friendships and relationships"
Slap her and never talk to either of them again. That's what happens
when you mess with me!
Ooh you got me this time. I'll tell her how she hurt me and prank her
Run away and cry, I'm never talking to her again!!

Okay so this fire is coming towards your house and you can only save one thing.
(You already have your wand and your family is out)
What will you choose

Enchant my bag and put my Hogwarts trunk in there
Take some paper pencils and something tools
My survival kit
My phone

What is your favorite color put of these?
(Please don't kill me!)

Calm cord like blue and green
Flashy colors like yellow and red
Neon colors
Whites and blacks