Which of my imaginary pet wolfs would be your friend?

hey guys in this quiz you will find out which of my imaginary pet wolfs would be your perfect friend! the questions either have (girls) or (guys) over it, all that means is that the answer leaders to a (girl) or (guy) character. I thought you might prefer a character that is your own gender to have as a imaginary friend. Hope you enjoy! Oh and remember to comment if you want another quiz showing which of the pups you are like!

published on January 15, 20174 responses 0
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What is your favourite coulor :D

Grrrrrr i could just punch you right now! but its black!
starry colors like silver or blue:)
fiery colors like red,orange,yellow!
Silver or white:)
pastel colours or white:)
Grey or amber!
Green and brown like nature!

You would most likely be found doing what?

cross country or sports!
Star gazing,sleeping, wondering ,swimming, you know just chilling;)
being alone, fighting, being in the darkness.
Making babys laugh or staying with you mate.
Helping out around the house,playing in the rain,wandering in the woods.
frolicing with nature, wandering around, playing with puddles.
Helping out, playing with younger siblings, daydreaming.

Favourite animal?

Somthing viscious..
Somthing like a bunny or butterfly!
somthing fast that can run with me!
somthing loyal that can help me out.
Somthing that is good with kids maybe a dog.
somthing that can fly with me and is calm and mellow:)
somthing that likes to stay up late probably somthing nocturnal.
maybe a baby Wolf or somthing that can Explore and keep up with me!

Biggest dream?

Starting a Family and being happy with the love of my life!
being a cross country champion or making it into a proffesional sports team like the NHL or NBA!
Helping out my family and making sure they are all fine but getting more time to myself to play.
nothing much just living life and having a pretty good time!
leaving the pack and becoming a loner. (leaving your family and living alone)
Creating a animal conservation area and spending my free time frolicing with nature and becoming One with the animals!
Living my dream by getting to fly everyday!
Being a Female sports player or maybe a black belt in karate.

Favourite genre of song?

Soft,slow,Calming music
Nature noises or waterfall music!
Heavy metal or rock music.
What ever is on the radio dont really care as long as it is not rap music or stuff like that.
Dont really care as long as the majority of the people in the car enjoy it.
What ever is cool.
Music that gets me pumped up and music i can workout to!
Top 100 or new music.

What is your style

Comfy,silver,blue,starry patterns..
Black,Spikes,peircings,tattoos, black makeup.
White with a few purple accents and glitter!
White,grey,silver, and feathery wings!
Whatever is clean, i like clothes that are greys and ambers.
fiery colors and things i can run in!
somthing that can stay together while i wander in the woods DEFINETLY nothing fancy.
Sporty clothes,snapback hat, NOTHING pink, Tomboy style.

how would people discribe you?

Loner, indepentend, emo, rude.(guys)
Night owl,pretty,kind,sleepy,star obsessed.(girls)
goofy,loving, protective.(guys)
Daydreamer and kind.(girls)
daydreamer,animal lover, shy..(girls)
Fast and sporty.(guys)
Tomboy,sporty, tough.(girls)

what nickname would you want.

"Moon". or a constellation name. Maybe twinkle!(girls)
Alpha, boss.(guys)
somthing goofy like "daddy.wigglebottoms!"(guys)
(my pup would call me that)
somthing nature related like butterfly, bunny, or sunshine.(girls)
Somthing dreamy like Cloud,feather,or breeze.(girls)
maybe Speed or flash!(guys)

what position would you want in the pack?

the dad or the goofy guy! (guys)
The hunter cuz of my speed and skill!(guys)
Healer (girls)
The wolf that gatheres food and stuff.(girls)
The mother. (i hope my pups have wings so i can teach them to fly and so i can fly more often!!)
The loner.(guys)