Are you emo or nah?

Are you emo or nah?

Are you really an emo or are you just faking take the test and find out.

published on October 25, 201544 responses 12 3.0★ / 5

Do you like My Chemical romance, Black Veil Brides, All Time Low, Hollywoood Undead

No / I've heard of them
Huh? Are they like one direction

4 object placed in front of you what would you choose

Razor-that's what an emo would choose right
ipod and black earrbbuds
band tee and bracelet
nail polish

Do you wear makeup

yep and lots of it
yeah but like bright red lipstick and blush
if my parents would let me
not really i think im naturally beautiful

How many friends do you have

alot buy only talk to about 2/3
Im most popular in my school
None i like tto be alone like an emo
1 maybe 2 i can really trust

do you cut?

ewwwww!!why would i do that
I did

In your free time whatt do you like to do

blast music and rock out
shop at the mall
go on the internet and post on social media

What do you like to wear

skinny jeans,band tees and rubber braclets
pink,pink and more pinnk
black and some bright colors
alll black like an emo kid right

Do you dye your hair

Yeah all the time
no that would ruin my hair
If only my parents would let me