Which presidential assassin are you? (1)

Which presidential assassin are you? (1)

Take a personality quiz to determine which presidential assassin (failed or successful) are you?

published on May 16, 20143 responses 0

Which city do you like the best?

A. Dallas
B. New York City
C. Washington, D.C. ­booth, hinckley
D. Elberon­

In a zombie apocalypse, what weapon would you choose?

A. 5.87­inch derringer ­booth
B. .442 Webley Bulldog revolver
C. .32 caliber Iver­Johnson "safety automatic"
D. 6.5 by 52 mm Italian car canon bolt action
E. 38 caliber pistol
F. Browning 9 mm

Which job do you like the best?

A. Nurse
B. lawyer
C. Marine and engineer
D. Actor
E. Wire mill
F. Cleaner

Where would you hide from the law?

A. In broad daylight (not a vampire hopefully)
B. just stand there ­ no one can see you if you
don't move
C. Run to the police
D. Surrender
E. Try to not die from injuries
F. Duck into a shoe store because no one goes

Which year would you like to live in?

B. 1873
C. 1950
D. 1955
E. 1939
F. 1938

Where would you rather go?

A. Hilton hotel
B. Theatre
C. For a car ride
D. Temple of music exposition
E. Railway station
F. Wheaton plaza

What drives you crazy?

A. attention seekers
B. anarchists
C. Love
D. Religious radicals
E. Jodie foster
F. Abolition

Which state so you like best?

A. Wisconsin
B. Louisiana
C. Maryland
D. Oklahoma
E. Illinois
F. Michigan

How many siblings do you have/want to have?

A. 3
B. 5
C. 2
D. 1/2
E. 7
F. 9

Where would you like to attend?

A. Yale
B. Milwaukee
C. Marines all the way bro
D. Chicago
E. Catonsville, Maryland