Dark Guilds

Dark Guilds

Find out what guild you belong to. Tenebris, oculus, leo, draco, anguis, or avis. And the picture on the front is omnia, which means all things.

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Your friend just asked you what the answer to a math question. your answer is...

I tell her right away!
I tell her its triangle.
I tell her if you don't try yourself you'll never learn!
What friend?
I ask her if she has a brain.
I don't say anything.

Your friends are...

Complete weirdos. I'm not going to sugar coat it.
Anyone who doesn't fit in.
I told you, i have no friends!
The 'cool' people.
The nerds.
People who will listen to the 'topics' i talk about.

You find money on the side of the road. what do you do?

keep it, duh.
Return it to the owner.
Shred it. Why? Heck if i know.
leave it where it is. I don't know where its been.
I'd eat it on a dare.

What is your favorite color?

the people in my head say to start a fire.
i like them all!

If you could have a knife what would it look like?

Yes a question i like!
folding, pocket knife. Am i the only one who's taking this seriously?
Knives? what kind of test is this?
Any one that's sharp
Knives? I like knives.

Ok, last question, i promise.

Aw! I want more questions!
Finally! Wait did I say that out loud?
That was fun!
Sweet. Now, whats my score.
Ok, whatever.