Does the shy guy like you?

ok so this is gonna see if ur shy guy crush likes you, (only for girls)

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How does he act when your with another guy?

he doesn't even notice.
He looks at you and the guy with a blank face.
He gives you or the guy dirty looks

Does the shy guy flirt with you?

no never
he trys a bit
he doesn't have the guts to

Does the shy guy come to you to talk to you?

he doesn't come up to me probarbly because he hasn't noticed me
he trys to get to know you a bit
he looks like he wants to come up and talk but his to scared
he sometimes does

How does he act with you compared to other girls?

acts the complete same
he acts the same around you with another girl
he acts totally different
he treats you a tad different

does he smile at you?

he smiles if he hasn't looked down yet but he looks down after a small smile
he half smiles
no he doesn't
smiles shyly for a little while then looks down

How much does he stare at you?

Never, i wish he stared but he never does, only to give me a strange look he does.
Always, whenever i stare his always staring at me! But as soon as he sees that i court him he blushes and looks away.
sometimes but not often.
it's not all the time but a little more then sometimes

What is his body language towards you?

He looks down crosses his arms, avoids eye contact, can't keep still.
His got his normal body language he gives to eveeryone.
he blushes a bit

What do his friends do when they see you around?

his friends start smirking and whispering in shy guys ear
His friends start bumping shy guy and start pointing at you, then they start mucking around showing off.
his friends give you a mean look
his friends don't even notice

What does he do when you talk to him?

smiles and talks a little
makes normal convo
he starts getting nervous, sweaty palms, fidgety, stuteres.
he looks supper confused

What does he do when he realises that you court him staring.

He starts smilling, and stares for a few seconds then looks to the ground.
Doesn't do anything coz i never catch him staring.
looks down straight away
he doesn't really notice, because he doesn't stare to much.