Are you Taylor Swift or Selena Gomez?

Are you Taylor Swift or Selena Gomez?

This will tell you how you really are.HAVE FUN!Im totally Selena but what are you?ENJOY IT!

published on November 13, 201526 responses 4
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Do you like cats or dogs?

Cats!They are so soft!
Dogs!They are so fun to play with!

What do you like better?

Pop!Its so fun and funcky
Country!Its so amazing!

Do you like dancing or relaxing while playing your guitar?

Dancing!Its so fun!
Guitar!Its so relaxing!

Do you have a brother or a sister.If not what would you like to have?

Brother!They are so cool!
Sister!We get each other!

Do you pranking people?

Of course not!ts so rude!
OF COURSE!ITS SO FUNNY!But of course you gotta apologize after,duh!

Finally do you like being weird or being a true royalty!

True royalty!I like being polite!
Weird!I like being me!