What is your puppy breed?

What is your puppy breed?

Are you social like a springer spaniel, loyal like a lab or curious like a border collie?

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After school you like to:

Play with whomever's free
call or text your best friend
Do extracurricular activities

For you being in a big crowd is:

Depends on the crowd

Your perfect birthday celebration includes:

A blowout bash with a huge crowd
One-on-one time with your bestie
Trying something adventurous

Snow day! What do you do to keep busy?

Invite friends over to hang out
Curl up with your pet and watch a movie
Try a new snowboarding hill

You could to your friend forever about:

Just about anything
Inside jokes
Creative ideas

How would you describe your group of friends?

Constantly growing
Together forever
Always changing

Pals know they can count on you to:

Make them laugh
Be a true friend
Introduce them to new things