What is your puppy breed?

What is your puppy breed?

Are you social like a springer spaniel, loyal like a lab or curious like a border collie?

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You could to your friend forever about:

Just about anything
Inside jokes
Creative ideas

Snow day! What do you do to keep busy?

Invite friends over to hang out
Curl up with your pet and watch a movie
Try a new snowboarding hill

Your perfect birthday celebration includes:

A blowout bash with a huge crowd
One-on-one time with your bestie
Trying something adventurous

Pals know they can count on you to:

Make them laugh
Be a true friend
Introduce them to new things

After school you like to:

Play with whomever's free
call or text your best friend
Do extracurricular activities

How would you describe your group of friends?

Constantly growing
Together forever
Always changing

For you being in a big crowd is:

Depends on the crowd