Would you be A Successful YouTuber?

Should you be a YouTuber?Find Out in this quiz! True hard facts! Made my a YouTuber Herself!

published on August 08, 201535 responses 7 4.0★ / 5

How often would you upload a video?

Everyday! Duh!
Once a week!
Once a month!

What is your personality and would you show it in your videos!?!?

My personality is fun and I would show it! ;)
My personality is random and I would show it!
My personality is shy and I would show it
My personality is unpredictable and I would show it!

How would you dress in your videos?!?!?!

In something nice! ;)
In jeans and a cami!
In sweatpants ;)

Would you interact NICELY with other channels????

Yes, only NICE comments! ;)
Yes, But maybe a hate comment once and a while!!!....
No, the sass and hate is real!

What would you use to record your videos?

A nice expensive camera! :)
A FAIRLY nice camera!
My iPad...DUH!!!
A toy!