Are you a Demon or Angel?

Are you a Demon or Angel?

Ever wondered if you were the angel or the devil? this quiz will help you know which you are!

published on May 19, 2014 86 responses 31 4.7★ / 5

Your friend wins against you in a game and keeps going on about it do you

Tell her to shut the hell up and get a life
Tell her its annoying you and you want her to stop nicely

Your watching people suffer in the t.v do you

Turn around not giving a crap
Feel sorry for them and cry

Your favourite celebrity is getting hate comments do you

Help her out
Join the haters

Your younger sister/brother get a friend in an online game which you want to be friends with do you

Threaten to turn off their computer if they dont make you friends with them
Find a new friend

Your friend starts becoming friends with this new student that YOU HATE do you

Tell them that you dont like the person
Plan some things so that you can make sure they aren't friends anymore