Do I know about you?

Hey all! DO I know about you, take this quiz definitely it is a good timepass :D

published on May 23, 201624 responses 11 4.5★ / 5

Your fav emolgi is :) or ;D?

Ya i u like them i use them a lot!;
I really like ;D but not :) or i like :) but i dont like ;D
No not at all

Your fav, green, red or blue?

Ya three/four of them

You love anime like i do?

Not at all.
Yess!! I love Anime!!

Do u go to school ?

No i am an adult, kid!
me: oh
Em..actually i go to college not school
me:it's. Okay
Yeah!! How do you know?

You love Donuts or Cupcakes just like me?

I like only one of them
Yess i love them..both!!
I hate both of them

do You like video games?

Eh i just play them

Do you like May(Pokemon)?

Who is she!!?? Never heard about her
I hate her!!
Yeah!!how could you tell?
I hate Pokemon anime

You are a girl?

Never& i hate this quiz
Yup & i hate this quiz

You like the dress which princess of frozen wears?

Well that dress is kinda pretty
I am a boy!! :v
Ya maybe
I love that dress and wish i had it
Huh who is she
me: what you donno who is she!!

I love ice creams what about you?

I used to but not now
me: i know
I love them
Not addicted but i like them

Okay what about my fav & white

Wow amazing combo
Nice not great
Okay!!just okay
Nope i hate that

My fav subjects are ,geography & biology

So is mine
Nope not my choice
Ya only geography /biology

Okay okay i have only 10 followers...what do you say?(in qfeast)

Hahahaha only 10! i have many
Ya i too have 10 or less than 10 followers
Emm a little more than that

You like fairies

Yuck!! I hate them!!
me:hmm nice
A lot!!
me: same pinch
I like them
me:me too

final one : my fav genre of movie is fantasy and scifi. Wau?

Ya me toooooo!! BYE
me: b-bye :3
Only sci fi/fantasy, bye!
me: bye ;)
No !! None of them!! Yipee this stupid quiz has finished.