What's you're legendery weapon?

Hey,it's me again Kokoro.I was bored so I decided to make another of thees.And I think the tital discribed it perfectly.And please wright down in the comments if you would like to see more tests.

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Hey every one,today I randomly brought some guests from animes.Hurray!

That's wonderfull!
What a pain...
Thats okay :)

Alright lets start!First guest!*pulls Ciel infront of my self*
Ciel:Is this nescesary?
Me:You promised!
Ciel:*sigh*What's you're favorite color?
(Me:Kill Ciel he asked it!)

Dark,grey colors...
Bright colors like yellow,orange,red,etc.
Light,calm colors

Next up!
Naruhudo:Hey guys!What are you're hobbies?

Nothing...really just leave me alone
Sports,and stuff
OBJECTION!Arts and cradts are the best

The next quiestion will be asked by the great IZAYA ORIHARA who probobly dosnt want to stab me for this....*hides behind you*
Izaya:You are going to pain for this Kokoro!*puts away pocket knife*
Me:Sure,sure,now ask that stupid question of you'r!
Izaya:Alright...Whats you're ideal weapon?*sees Shizuo and runs away*

What about a classical sword?
Anything sharp...Just go away already...
A giant giga MEGA weapon to slash away the enemy with it!
I raether choose something light but huge to scare away people.
Anything that makes big BANG sounds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:)

Maka's turn!
Me:Hi Maka!
Maka:Hi Kokoro it's been a while!So if you could only have one sense what would it be?

Hearing(to hear people suffer)
Smell,to smell out the fear of the enemy
Touch is fine
Why taste ofcourse!

Okay,end of anime friends!

Okay,people need to let go.
WHY?I STARTED TO ENJOY THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's okay!

Who is you're secret Anime crush?

Why would YOU want to know?But Kirito I guess...
Ummmm...*Ciel blushes*
INU YASHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Masaomi Kida...maybe?
Suzuya Juuzou SENPAI!!!!!!!!!

What's you're fav anime?

Ace of auttorney ofcourse...
Tokyo ghoul I guess
Does Kirby right back at ya counts?

What does an anime need to be good?

It gotta have something,that makes me feel to watch all the series
Someone allways need to suffer...
Action baby!
The series need to be builded up on the mindedness
I don't really care I simply just LOVE anime! XD

How would you describe you're self?

I'm really patiented,and perseverented
Active,sometimes a bit agressive though...
Kind,and clever

Are you looking forward to find out whats you're legendery weapon?

Sure I am
Let's just get through it...
Yeah man!