Which Kamen Rider Are You Most Like?

A quiz that seeks to find which Heisei Kamen Rider you resemble most in terms of personality. Includes all main and secondary riders, plus a few extras. The questions may seem a bit wordy, but please read them completely. Please choose the answer that resembles you the MOST.

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Which Kamen Rider Are You Most Like?
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Worldview - What should I do, and why should I do it?
This question considers your ethical standpoint. What drives you to do the "right" thing?

I do the right thing because it is righteous. I value
justice and honesty.
I do the right thing because it is honourable. I don't
want to bring shame to myself or those associated
with me.
I do the right thing because if I don't, it will have
negative consequences for myself and others.
I don't believe that there is a "right" or "wrong" in
many situations. I take the choice that will benefit
me the most.

Purpose - What is the meaning of Life?
This question seeks to understand your ultimate purpose or goal in living.

I live to realize my ideals or dreams. I strive for
betterment or to fulfill my ultimate potential.
My purpose is to adapt, reproduce, or survive for as
long as possible. I will live forever or die trying.
I live to seek knowledge and wisdom. I want to learn
as much as I possibly can, or I want to find the
meaning of life
I live for good. I want to do the right thing, to help
people and seek peace.
I live for the purpose of knowing of a Higher power. I
want to reach heaven or nirvana etc, or to love and
I live to enjoy living. My purpose is to love and seek
pleasure, or simply to experience life to its fullest, to
beauty, treasure happiness, or simply have fun.
I live for power. I strive towards mastery and
superiority. I want to rule the world.
Life has no meaning. I have no real purpose or
Life has no meaning, which is exactly why life is so
Seeking the meaning of life is pointless or
misguided. The meaning is too profound to be
understood, or seeking a
meaning will deter us from truly living.
Life is bad. I will always experience pain or suffering
above any pleasure. I have no purpose except to die,
perhaps since life has no meaning, I will be chaotic
and harm others.

Social Self-Esteem - What is your opinion of yourself and your self confidence?

I am extremely confident in my abilities and
judgement. I know best in most situations. The
world would be a better
place if I was in charge.
I am secure and firm in my self confidence. I think of
others as equals, not superiors or inferiors, and I can
and accept my feelings.
My self-esteem is highly dependant on what others
think of me. I need reassurance that I am doing well
in order to
maintain a positive outlook on myself.
I do not think highly of myself. I am heavily self-
critical, pessimistic, or perfectionist when it comes
to myself. I am
often indecisive and fearful of making mistakes.

Social Boldness - How do you choose interact with other people, especially strangers?

I prefer not to interact with others if possible. I work
and think best on my own, and benefit from
introspection. I am
only comfortable talking a lot with someone once I
trust them a lot. I am easily overwhelmed by social
I generally prefer self-reflection to group settings. I
may become overwhelmed at times, but socializing
isn't that
I don't strongly prefer to be alone or in a group,
either is fine. I enjoy talking to and interacting with
people, but also
value my alone time.
I am outgoing and energetic around other people.
Alone time is valuable, but I really enjoy socializing. I
am good at
communicating and work pretty well in groups.
I am talkative and assertive in group settings. Being
alone is boring, I would rather enjoy the company of

Inquisitiveness - How much do you question the world around you?

I am generally unconcerned with what is going on
around me. I would rather focus on myself.
Having to question everything is too annoying or
time consuming. I would rather stay in my own lane.
Some things deserve to be questioned, but others
aren't worth it. Rationality in regards to inquiry is
I think asking questions is important, because
skepticism is a key part of being a human being.
Ignoring the goings
on of the world leads to trouble.
I am the most curious person on Earth. My questions
only give rise to more questions, and I like it that
way. I enjoy
analysis and investigation, and apply my skills in
these areas to every aspect of my life.

Creativity and Unconventionality - How much do you conform to agreed upon rules or norms?
This can be written or unwritten "rules", in terms of completing tasks, how you think, and how you present yourself outwardly.

I am outstandingly conventional. I follow rules and
regulations to a tee and complete tasks as they are
explained to
I generally stick to the beaten path, and usually
apply to accepted standards. Following rules and
convention is
comfortable and I prefer it.
I occasionally have unorthodox methods or styles,
but for the most part I fall within norms.
I am very individualistic. I prefer to do things in my
own way, which sometimes confuses others.
I do everything in a unique and uncustomary way.
People may call me eccentric or an oddball. I get
easily frustrated
if others try to tell me how I should act, dress, or

Sentimentality - Are your actions more driven by reason or emotion?

I make my decisions based off of the most logical
and rational train of thought. I don't let my emotions
with problems that should be answered
straightforward and efficient manner.
Using your heart to solve problems has its time and
place, but it can also create emotional problems of
its own. I
prefer to think things through sensibly first and
Both logic and emotion need to be considered in
order to reach the best conclusion. Compassion and
sense are two sides of the same coin, and losing
either is dangerous.
My choices are often driven by my feelings towards
objects or situations, myself, and others. I don't
reject logic, but
I know that following my heart is what's best.
I prefer to do things according to my instincts and
emotions rather than waste time with logical
reasoning. People
may call me impulsive, irrational, idealistic, or over-
sympathetic, but I am proud of these characteristics.

Patience - How do you stand up in the face of hardship?

I am extremely enduring. No matter what trial awaits
me I will always find a way to persevere. I generally
remain cool
and composed no matter what the situation.
My tolerance for hardship is high. It takes a lot to
break me down. My mental and/or physical fortitude
is one of my
stronger traits.
I can easily become agitated and nervous when faced
with difficult situations, but usually I can find my way
I have little to no self-control and often end up
disheartened if things they don't go my way. Having
to wait for long
amounts of time frustrates me.

Forgivingness - How willing are you to forgive people who have wronged you?

I have no mercy for those who have wronged me.
They obviously have no respect for me, and
therefore I will have
no respect for them.
It is difficult to forget when people have abused me.
The wounds may fade over time, but I will never see
a person
who has hurt me in the same way ever again.
Holding grudges only leads to negative feelings
within yourself. I would rather move forward with my
own life. I may
not completely dismiss wrongdoings, but I will
forgive them usually.
I believe people are capable of changing. If they are
regretful of their actions then I am willing to forgive
and forget
past transgressions.

Modesty - How much do you show off?

I never show off, because I have nothing to show off.
I don't really do anything worth bragging about, so
why would
I tend to downplay my achievements or let others
take credit. I don't want to be seen as showing off
too much. I
usually wait for people to ask before sharing things
I'm proud of.
If I'm proud of something, I let people know. I think
that my accomplishments should be celebrated, but I
don't rub
it in the face of everyone I meet.
Everything I do is worthy of being known, so
everyone should know it. People may think I'm
boastful or egotistical,
but I don't see the problem with being proud of who
I am.

Sincerity - Are you earnest and transparent with your actions?

I often hide my motives or act "fake" towards people.
Whether or not my intentions are good or bad, I
don't like
people knowing my goals.
I'm not always entirely truthful, but it's not like I
outright lie about things. I keep stuff vague on
I am generally forthright about my motivations, but
there are still some things I like to keep to myself.
I am sincere and truthful in everything that I do. I
have no reason to hide my intentions, and I find
forthcoming promotes trust.

Lastly, just for fun - What is your image colour/the colour you wear most often?

Pink / Magenta
Light / Sky Blue
Dark Blue / Indigo / Navy
Black / Grey