What's Your Power Level?

What's Your Power Level?

Just a fun quiz! If its inaccurate, my apologies! Have fun! P.S., based in this, I'm Kaio-Ken x3!

published on July 28, 201518 responses 3
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Firstly, how often do you train physically? (In days of the week)

1 day
1-3 days
5 days
Every day!
Kinda spread out, but partially during the day, and partially during the night once a week.
Spread out, but partially during the day, and partially during the night at least 3 times a week.

Okay, now, how much can you do/train each session? (Upper body)

15 or less push-ups
20 or less push-ups
30 or less push-ups
40 or less push-ups
50 or less push-ups
75 or less push-ups
More than 75 push-ups
Too much that it's swag bro!

Sorry for the lack of fun in the questions, but bear with me! How about you lower body strength? How many sit-ups can you do in one session?

10 or less sit-ups
20 or less sit-ups
30 or less sit-ups
40 or less sit-ups
50 or less sit-ups
75 or less sit-ups
75 or more sit-ups!
Uh....over 9000!!!

Alright, now, how much time would it take to run a mile?

24 minutes or more
Around 12 minutes
I guess 6-8 minutes
Around 5 minutes
Less than 5 minutes
Well, I'm so fast, I literally teleport! So it's hard to say! :D

How motivated are you?

I'm more a pacifist, type, but sorta.
I know I'm not really strong, but fairly, and that's why I wanna train!
Fairly motivated, I mean, I really want to get better!
Heh, if I couldn't train, I'd choke!
Welp, on a scale from 1 to 10, 10 being the maximum, I say a 7.
...I want to be the best! I wont stop until I collapse from exhaustion!
Oh yeeaaah! I'm pumped bro!

Now, this is probably the deciding factor, so answer as beset and as HONESTLY as you can.......How much effort would you put in?

Not alot.
Uh.....who cares! I'm da stwongest thar is!