Are you Rick or Morty?

Are you Rick or Morty?

XD I've just started watching the show. I know the basic stuff I need to know about it for making a quiz. If you're feeling bored, feel free to take this test! If you have any feedback, let me know in the comments section.

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So hi! Welcome to my quiz! :)

Wha-? *raises head from sci-fi magazine*
Oh hi...
I clicked it accidentally. Was hoping for a more SCIENTIFIC topic.
Is this a quiz? Sorry, I've never taken one online before.

Your hobby please? (Out of these)

Inventing things.
Helping friends?
Striving hard to bring out something that deserves a Nobel prize.
Drawing... and stuff like that.
Reading the newspaper.
Helping my family members.

RP Question: You're on a long road trip. Everything was going on smooth and fine until a bumping voice was heard. You learn shortly that your car has broken down. What do you do?

Run to the car's bonnet- I can fix it in a second!
Panic, I usually do that when something happens as coincidental.
That might be the best thing ever- it'll give me an idea for a new invention. Cars running on supercharged batteries! I'm gonna work on it right now!
Oh man!
Who invents such stupid go-carts that run on wheels?
Wait for someone to come by so that I can resume the trip.

Which genre of books do you like better?

What sort of a question is this?? Sci-fi of course!
I don't know... Fanfics?
Soapbox-ish novels

You accidentally/purposefully sign up for the school science fair. What will you do?

Scheme on impressing the judges with spectacular and complex inventions.
Do something so that by the day the judges see my project, butterflies will be flying around the room.
I NEVER accidentally sign up for THAT!
Immediately lock myself in a room and vow to stay there until the day following the science fair.

Your social status?

The Masterminded Genius
Geek or Dork
The Friends' Database
The Mad Scientist

Do you enjoy being isolated or being in the center of attention?

It feels good to be surrounded by a crowd.
I... kinda... prefer being isolated.
A little bit of both, to be honest.

Isn't the Chemistry lab the worst place ever?

I wonder where your loose nuts are.
Yeah; it smells of rotten eggs.

You're about to watch your favorite anime/ play your favorite video game and suddenly there is a blipping noise. The screen goes blank. Do you feel annoyed?

Generally, the emotion of agitation and anger is commonly present in women, not men.
Of course I will! >.<
Depends upon how I rate the show.
Yes, but at least I can read manga. -_-
I am not interested in wasting a great length of my time watching such shit.

Any suggestions to improve this thing?

Needs a great deal of accuracy. And more options.
You did a great job. I had so much fun doing this!