Dating Sim! (Yandere girl)

Dating Sim! (Yandere girl)

Welcome to the sequel of Dating Sim! (Tsundere Girl). This time, go on a date with a Yandere. See if she loves you, if she goes a lil' psycho or if she kills you. *And credit to the makers o the art*

published on March 28, 2016134 responses 21 4.8★ / 5

Hello Senpai!

Hello, and don't call me Senpai.
Hello! What is your name? I'm ----.
Whatever. I'm just gonna call you Mimi. I like that
name. And don't call me Senpai.

Umm.. Well, my name is Claire, so you can call me that.

Meh. Mimi is better.
Whatever. Let's go somewhere.
I like your name!

Oh! I am bored. I know a really nice park!

Perfect. Let's go there!
I think a restaurant would be better...
Really? Do you think that at every date, people have to
go somewhere 'romantic'?

W-Well, we don't have to go there i-if you don't want! (Pls don't hate me, Senpai)

Whatever, let's just go.
O-Okay! I uh don't like parks, but fine!!
It's okay! I think going to a park is perfect for a date!

Perfect~ Let's go! ❤❤❤❤

Haha! :3
Fine! Whatever! Let's go!

*At park* Ahhh... This night air feels so nice.. What do you think, SENPAI?

A bit chilly, isn't it? But I guess so...
Meh. I don't like it, I'm cold.
You're right! This feels great.

*Leans in for kiss*

Nope. *Pushes*
U-um, isn't this a bit too early!?

*Stands up* Oh, umm.. Sorry!

It's okay! That was nice.
Yeah, um... That was a bit awkward.
Beh!! Why would I wanna kiss YOU??

A-Anyway.. Let's go! *Walks backwards and falls into fountain*

Good! I hated that outfit! Whatever, let's go get you
dried off.
Well then.. Let's get you dried.
Ahh! Now you're all wet! We better go get you dried

*When dried* It's good you dried me.. I was so cold...

Well, it's good you're warm now! *hug*
Meh. You're lucky I did, then.
You're lucky. I hate your outfit.

You know.. So much has gone on tonight..

I agree. Should we part?
I know. I'm leaving.
Yeah, but it's fun!

See u...

Hope to never see you again.
Bye, Claire! Hope to see you again!!